Monday, June 1, 2009


Storm rolling in over the mountains.

Storms, on the prairie or in the mountains, remain to be a favorite and yet stirring time for me. All of nature seems to pause as the refreshing rain falls. The earth seems to stop and listen when the thunder booms.

How relaxing listening to the rain and watching the desent of the drops from the sky. The earth pauses to soak in the moisture and I can pause and let my own mind wander or rest and enjoy the storm.

Clouds serve as an indication of the storm to come. Clouds on the horizon swell and begin to band together- sometimes socking in and area and staying for a long duration, and sometimes coming quickly depositing their contents in full force.

Quickly passing storms allow the earth to awaken- birds begin to sing, the sun begins to appear, and we can all resume our lives where we paused to let the storm pass. Long lasting storms keep our lives slowed down for longer and allow healing, rest, and refreshment to take place.

Storms are stirring and yet calming. The thunder calls and we can take part in the storm or we can try to get away. If you miss the storm, however, you miss the re-awakening taking place after the storm.

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