Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunshine makes me happy

A little bit of sunshine makes a huge difference. Life in Wyoming is usually dry and sunny. Lately, rainy and cloudy has been the outcome. Starting a fire in the fireplace in the morning is not my idea of a summer day. We finally have extended hours of sunlight; only the sun has been covered up by the clouds and rainstorms all through the day. Being inside, when we are at a time of year when we should be able to go outside, makes for an extended season of cabin fever.

Today was sunny though, and a very welcome day of sunshine. Hopefully, cabin fever season will be pushed out the door. I'm ready for it to be over and so are others in the area. People around are friendlier and spending extended time outside to soak up the sun and vitamin D. Amazing how a little change in the weather can make such a difference.

Rainy days are sometimes nice to relax and catch up on things that must be done indoors. Watching a storm roll in over the mountains is an incredible sight. Right now, I am ready for the sunny days.


  1. We here in AZ are flipped, summer is a time for us to seek shade in any form and stay close to conditioned air. Extended time outdoors can be hazardous to your health. When I first moved here I wanted to experience the desert in the middle of summer, not believing it was a killer, transplant from the NE and all. Half an hour is all it took to drive me back to my vehicle - newfound respect! Winter is our time for hiking (desert), summer (mountains). Sunshine most of the time, feel claustrophobic when it's overcast. Great photos!!

  2. Funny how such reagions are so different! and the mention of summer or winter brings such different thoughts to people in those regions. At least you can still enjoy being outdoors.